Cloud Security as a Service - CSaaS

With the emerging Cloud Technologies, Information Security is becoming more challenging and harder to control/maintain every day. In Edge Hosting Inc, we take our clients IT Infrastructure security as priority. We are committed to continue developing and deploying systems that help you achieve your organization’s Information Security targets. Visibility across the network is crucial for maintaining strong network security defenses, and truly cohesive and orchestrated network defenses are only possible when the full scope of an attack can be identified and remediated across the entire network in real-time. Our CSaaS’s ability to identify, alert, and neutralize threats across the whole network makes it a more effective approach for orchestrated detection and response.

EdgeHosting CSaaS protects workloads across on-premises, virtualized, containerized, and cloud-based environments. CSaaS helps you to protect your data assets against security threats no matter where your assets are hosted. It is agent base and powered by Wazuh (The Open Source Security Platform).

Visitability, Real-time Detection and Response

Cloud Security

  • Any Cloud: Public Cloud(, , ), Private Cloud, On-Premise
  • Workload Protection (VM, Devices, Containers)
  • XDR Capabilities

Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time, analytics-driven multicloud monitoring solution for all environments

Log Management

  • Centralized Log
  • Dashboard with advanced search
  • Data Analysis

Threat Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Realtime Threat Hunting


  • Continuous Auditing
  • Discover and Report Breaches
  • Integration (CIS, PCI DSS, GDPR …)

System Inventory

Collects system information, such as installed software, hardware, utilization, network services, listeners and other information

CSaaS is included by default with all of Edge Hosting Inc Enterprise Edge Cloud Services. Should you be interested to protect your workload other than Enterprise Edge Cloud workload, please visit Edge Cloud

Supported Operating Systems, Containers and Network Devices



















Customize Your Cloud Workloads Protection


  • 3 agents included

  • 10GB log storage included

  • Support 8x5

  • 8 Hours Response Time

  • Professional Service Hours

  • Starting at $50.00/mo



  • 10 agents included

  • 25GB log storage included

  • Priority Support 8x5

  • 4 Hours Response Time

  • 1 Hour Professional Service Each Month

  • Starting at $145.50/mo


  • Starts at 20 agents

  • Starts at 50GB log storage

  • Support 24x7

  • 1 Hour Response Time

  • 2 Hours Professional Service Each Month

  • Starting at $288.00/mo

Included With Every Plan
Cloud Workloads Security
Endpoint Security
Threat Intelligence
Security & Regulatory Compliance
Infrastructure Monitoring
Log Management
System Inventory
High Availability